Round-up of publicity for Directed Assembly work

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Uncategorized


I’m happy to say that the work that was recently published online in Nature Chemistry is now out in the August issue, with the following page numbers: Nature Chemistry 6, 690–696 (2014). See the following link:

We’re fortunate to additionally have our work highlighted in the “News and Views” section of the same issue (on pages 658-659), by Professors Albert Schenning and Subi J. George. Again, see the following link:

In addition to this, the work has been featured on BBC radio and TV (see and has been getting attention via press releases worldwide:

Materials today:


Electronics Weekly:

Keele press release:

ILL press release:

NIMS press release:

WOAS:   and

Nanowerk:   and

R&D magazine:

Local printed press:

  1. […] More information in the paper here (and in a very nice highlight here), on Martin’s site here, and on my site here and […]

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